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    Uniting minds across borders for a global education experience.

    At SIM Higher Education Institute, students thrive in a multicultural setting, studying across campuses spanning multiple countries.

    Schools for Management Programs

    • Business School of Switzerland (BSS)
    • Logistics & Supply Chain Management School of Switzerland (LSCM)
    • Strategic Human Resources Management School of Switzerland (SHRM)
    • Pedagogy School of Switzerland (PSS)

    Swiss-made education in SIM Institute is unparalleled. The emphasis on quality, innovation, and precision has been instrumental in my professional growth.

    Anna Schneider International Business

    Earning my Master's from an accredited program was a game-changer. It not only expanded my knowledge but also boosted my career prospects. Highly recommended for anyone looking to advance in the healthcare world.

    James Turner Director of National Hospital

    The program's focus on healthcare management skills was exactly what I needed. It's well-structured and taught by professionals who know the industry inside out.

    Max Kowalski Head of Hospital QA

    This program improved my skills in Business psychology. The practical experience and industry insights were incredibly valuable for my career.

    Maria Santos Practice Psychology Technician

    Bachelor of Healthcare Management program assured me of its excellence and relevance, significantly enhancing my professional credibility in the healthcare industry.

    Oliver Wang Healthcare Administrator

    Master of Science in Psychology was pivotal in providing me with a respected qualification and practical expertise that's highly valued in the psychology field.

    Mike Johnson Professionals in psychology treatment

    Psychology programs at SIMI Swiss was a transformative journey that deepened my understanding of human behavior and equipped me with invaluable skills for my psychological practice.

    Phie Adams BSc in Psychology

    The Master of Healthcare Management program profoundly expanded my leadership skills and industry knowledge, directly impacting my career in healthcare administration

    Emma Müller Healthcare Management Master Student