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Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Reza
why Swiss Healthcare School

Swiss-Made Accredited Healthcare Management Programs

Superb Learning

Swiss education is renowned for its excellent quality, a testament to Swiss precision and dedication.

Full Accreditation

Unwavering commitment to essential education standards with impeccable quality and recognition.

Multi Awards

Elevate your career with diverse qualifications from our university partners and flexible learning pathways.

Project Based Learning

Turning knowledge into action, fostering critical thinking, collaboration, and a lifelong love for learning.

SIM's Schools

Swiss Healthcare School is proud to be a division of SIMI Swiss.

  1. Business School of Switzerland

    Concentrates on providing business and management education with the aim of preparing students for success in a range of professional roles.

  2. Swiss School of Education

    Prepares future educators with focused programs in teaching methods and leadership for impactful roles in diverse educational settings.

  3. IT Institute of Switzerland

    Training professionals for the ever-evolving field of Information Technology, covering programming, cybersecurity, data analysis, and system management.

  4. Swiss Hospitality School

    Offers specialized programs for careers in the hospitality industry, covering areas such as tourism and hotel management.

  1. School of Healthcare Management

    Offers specialized programs to prepare students for effective management roles in the healthcare industry

  2. School of Logistics & Supply Chain Management

    Through specialized programs, students gain expertise in strategic planning, efficient operations, and effective management to meet the demands of today's dynamic supply chain industry.

  3. Law Institute of Switzerland

    Offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of Swiss and international law, aiming to equip students with a deep understanding of legal principles and practices

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First accredited higher education institution in Zug, Switzerland.

Healthcare Management: a rapidly growing career with high potential!